Fitness Coach

Rex, who has more than ten years of experience as a fitness instructor, has always been very passionate towards his fitness training career. He loves to see students achieving their goals in an easier way while exercise and appetite should go in a pair, his students can always reach the target body weight in a very efficient way.

As a Gemini, he is keen on setting new targets for himself, and never lose his Interest facing new challenges.

Talking about his weight-loss programme specialty, “As a coach, I will definitely give my guests a detailed analysis of the optimal weight loss progress each week, as well as how to exercise and how to control the diet, otherwise it will only get half the result with half the effort.”

“Allowing the students to see the full picture of their health and fitness plan, and work with them to set an achievable goal process” is definitely an important principle that Rex has adhered to as a professional personal trainer for many years.


Certified Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer, AASFP

TRX Suspension Trainer Certification

Agatsu Kettlebell Certification

VIPR Instructor Certification

St John First Aid Certificate