Fitness Coach

Donald, who is also a handball player and football player, has cultivated his physical abilities and reactions since childhood. Beginning as a handball coach, he has been a fitness coach for more than ten years. He has witnessed the change of local fitness concept: early fitness gave people full of muscles and thick lines “skinny people”.

Slowly, with the rise of large fitness centers, equipment fitness training has become more and more important. As it becomes more and more popular, Donald hopes that the sport of fitness can give people a more professional quality-coaches do not need to chase turnover for “runs”, but can really design fitness exercises that are more suitable for the individual according to the needs of the guests.


Resistance Training Specialist

IPTA Professional Diploma in Personal Fitness Training

PFA ATFP Physical Specialist

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Trainer

Advanced Exercise Physiology Trainer

Advanced Exercise Nutrition & Supplement Specialist

Advanced Clinical Exercise Prescription Trainer

Agatsu Kettlebell Certification

Gymnastics Movement Certification Level 1

TRX Suspension Trainer Certification

Bulgarian Bag Trainer Certification

PTA Global Certification

Weightlifting Principle and Technology Level 1