Yoga Class

In Yoga, we cultivate the experience of the union of body, mind and spirit/ soul, and leading to greater integration of being, Internal peacefulness and clarity of the mind.

The stress and pressure of our daily lives can lead to serious illness and disease, common problems such as carotid artery stenosis, headache, back pain and mental stress, etc. Through various yoga practices, ASANAS – effectively train body flexibility, muscle endurance, cardiorespiratory function and improve body awareness and stability. PRANAYAMA covers breathing exercises with MEDITATION – calms the body and mind, clean and massage the organs, boosts the immune system, eliminates the toxins that stress creates, and finally achieve a deep relaxation, inner peace and pleasure.

Our yoga instructor will deeply understand the individual needs of members, so as to tailed-made the exclusive yoga practice for each individual to improve their body shape, body flexibility or stress relieve, relaxation and purification of mind/spirit.

Last but not least, Yoga does not have any limitation no matter your age, gender and timing… Let’s come and experience the benefits and joyful of yoga.



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