One-to-one Fitness Training

Our professional personal fitness trainer team will tailor an ideal training plan for you according to your goals and health conditions.

A personal fitness trainer will provide you with:

  1. Body assessment analysis
    Before exercise, the coach will use an advanced analyzer (inbody machine) to analyze the data of the muscle and fat proportions of most parts of the body, including total body water, mineral weight, body fat rate, waist-to-hip ratio, basal metabolic rate, etc. , And based on the data and your actual needs, recommend nutritional assessment, weight management and physical exercise programs. After the fitness program is launched, the personal fitness trainer will also use the analyzer to regularly review the progress of fitness, weight gain or self-cultivation.
  2. Improve muscle strength
    Use specific movements to understand the physical needs of the students, such as: posture correction, aiming at improving the strength of weaker muscles and improving flexibility. Mainly improve appearance, relieve joint pain, improve muscle size and lines, etc.
  3. Exclusive training program
    Everyone’s physical needs are different. We will tailor-made exercise programs for trainees and set short-term and long-term exercise goals to achieve the fastest and best fitness effect.
  4. Advice healthy diet plan
    Our professional personal trainers will recommend healthy food choices based on the actual situation of trainees. No hard diets are required or expected. Through smart eating control and healthy living habits, you can achieve your exercise results faster, and will not easily rebound in the future.
  5. Stimulate sports perseverance
    Our personal fitness trainer understands the needs of each student, and will use different equipment designs and interesting sports content to encourage and stimulate students’ interest and perseverance in sports.
  6. Flexible time
    The number of lessons per week can be arranged according to the time of the trainees.


    1 on 1 personal training sessions
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